Two Rambos or one mini?

Okay so here’s what’s happening in my world here. I’ve decided I want to add the dual end stops to the ice MPCNC so I need to pull the miniRambo out and put in a Rambo. I’m also building up the laser MPCNC with a work area of I’m guessing 24 X 20. Should I use the mini in there or go with a Rambo there as well under the assumption I’d want to add dual endstops eventually?

If I order two Rambos I then take the mini to the shelf for when I get the ZenXY underway. Or I could order one Rambo now and another mini when it’s time for the ZenXY - putting my existing mini into the laser build.

And I may have misunderstood something somewhere but can the ZenXY run off a Pi or does it still need a miniRambo which the Pi connects to? (Because in that case I’d run ZenXY off a Pi so I could experience that world a bit here.)

Hope that makes sense.

I think that is actually a hard question. Once you use dual it sure is nice…but sometimes it is a pain and you just wanna slap something down and go. Having both might be nice.

The mini is a beefy board for just running two drivers, for the ZenXY. I think I have a thread but it is pretty hard to find a cheap reliable solution though. I have a pretty solid distrust of most import boards and drivers at this point but there are a few that are so dam cheap, who cares if your Zen has some downtime in the possibility of a poor board?

Sorry I doubt that helped.

Nope. Didn’t help a whole lot but I know your heart was in it ; )

I went with one of each. Because who are we kidding if we think this is last stuff I’m gonna order from you? ZenXY is almost done printing, I got the conduit this morning as well as the foam for the laser enclosure. It’s gonna be a V1 kinda Christmas break this year if your shipping is as fast as the last two times around!

I’ve also got a good dialogue started up with Jeff at PicEngraver. I think they have something CLOSE to what I’m shooting for with the MPCNC. Not quite but as close as I’m gonna get for now until I find something like ArtCam out there…doubt anything like it exists…

What about using the mini for a 3d printer? (MP3DP)

Or is that a bad choice for that application?

Awesome I will do my best to get it out today, I am about a half a day behind in shipping right now.

You know me too well ; )

Rambo will go to the big MPCNC. The existing mini to the laser MPCNC. The other mini is earmarked for the ZenXY but you never know…maybe I’ll craft some clever plug and unplug interface with any one of the minis so it could also be used in a second MP3DP…the Donkey Kong build has yet to be built, right Jeffe? ( Think it was Donkey Kong? Or was it King Kong??)

Maybe a better one would be that hiker dude from the Price is Right. And I could wire in an audio module so it played that song during every print!