Tresspasser sign. ;-)

Saw something similar on the net and decided to make my own.

And now I just noticed I spelt trespasser wrong! Oh well… :slight_smile:

Doh! Still like it though.

Am I crazy? Where’s the image?

Looks like the image went MIA…

Here is the image.


Do you have a dxf file or similar source file for the cuts of this? I could probably come up with one similar, but if you can share this it would be easier. I plan to make one of these for one of my wife’s coworkers. I like the misspelled word. My wife also wanted to misspell more as mor.

Sorry I don’t have a dfx of this as I did it in vcarve desktop.

Just do what I do. Look on the net for something you like and then do your own twist on it. That’s how you learn CNC by actually drawing and converting it to g code yourself for your machine.

Thanks for your thoughts. That is what I was going to do. It just makes it easier if I have a file to start with as a base to make changes from. BTW, a google search and looking in Vectric’s manual shows that vcarve desktop can export dxf files. It should be under File/Export.

Yes, you can export in vcarve to a dfx, I was not aware of that as I am new to vcarve. Great program, I must say. I COULD upload the file as a dfx on here but here is my point. How hard is it for someone who is learning CNC, to draw up a box or any shape add a few drill holes and some text? If I put my dfx on here people will just copy my work and not open up there own minds and do something on there own. It’s such a simple design. Just draw up a shape in any design you want, put your choice of font and text in there and a few drill hole and you are done with the cad part. then just assign the cam to each part and go for it. You will be so much more satisfied that you made it all your self. It just opens up the door of possibilities for you.

I just saw a similar sign online that I saved to make for a present for someone. Looks great!

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