Toolhead has play now???

Good afternoon… So after my little mishap yesterday with the tool barreling into a 34mm solid chunk of oak the head bounced around a bunch and now if i lift up on the bit area there is a lot of play in it. Yet i cant figure out where it is coming from. Any ideas on where to start? Id rather not take the entire Z axis apart (ill have to resolder haha)

Check for cracked plastic

seems no cracked plastic (YAY me for good prints). however i have found a couple bolts/bearings loose. any way to get tools in there to tighten without taking it apart? I dont have quick disconnects for my cables and that means breaking solder points haha.

I can usually get in to all the bolts. Sometimes you need a box end others you need needle nosed pliers. Sorry it’s so tight in there.

man,i must suck. i cant get shit in there haha.

It’s possible your tool is just too large. They make some really tiny needle nose pliers - maybe the 11 inch long reach ones from here might be small enough? The biggest part of the middle Z for me is just those locking nuts for the coupler - if you ever have to change the coupler it’s very hard to get those nuts back on without disassembly.