Tool_Mount 4mm/6-32

hi…first post
i printed almost everything but i dont understand the difference between
tool mount 4mm and tool mount 6-32…which one should i print ??
thanks in advance

Are you sure you are printing the Primo, because there is no universal mount or similar. ( You need to print the mount that matches your router (Makita, DeWalt etc.).

i m printing the parts from the part list in this site
ok if i go to makita which is easier to get in Greece which is the correct one??

or here, if you’d rather take thingiverse:

i printed all parts from here
( v1engineering com/blog/parts/)
i hope i printed the right ones

That’s the Burly, the old version, which is still good though.

ok i would recognise the difference…but now i checked the link from above i see different parts…
i have printed 90 % of the parts…lol
so i should go on with the old version…

If you have nearly all the parts you might, but I don’t have the old one, so my word is not the best to take. Let’s wait for the Americans to wake up and give you better help. :smiley:


AFAIK the 4mm/6-32 choice depends on what hardware you’re using

ok so i i go for the Makita which is easy to find i have to check the perimeter before buying then print…

The Primo (new version) is an evolutionary improvement over the Burly (old version). There are many small changes in the Primo that add to somewhat greater accuracy and/or somewhat faster cutting and/or more chance success with tougher materials like aluminum. The Burly is still a very capable machine. If you’ve purchased Burly-specific parts like the bolts, machine screws and belts, then I’d go ahead and build the Burly. If all you’ve done is print the Burly plastic parts, then it is a tougher call and it will depend on how important cost is to you. You have around $30 USD in plastic parts printed that you will have to trash. And the Primo costs around $25 USD more to build than the Burly. For me, if all I had to waste was the plastic parts, then I’d go with the Primo.

yes, i have only the plastic which i can give to a friend to go on with it…

thanks for the advice…i hope the primo thingiverse page is updated…

Yes, it is. If you are from Greece, you should print the F-version for 25mm pipes I guess.

last week i had a look around the shops and i found 25.4 and 25mm pipes…we use inches in pipes and mm…crazy…what metal should i look …allum,steel galvanised???

If you can afford it, take stainless steel.

Be careful picking your tubing. In the US, pipe is measured from the inside, and tubing is measured from the outside. The parts require the outside dimension to match, and tolerances are fairly tight. So you are looking for 25.4 mm or 25mm tubing as measured on the outside. As for type, aluminum is not recommended. The bearings will quickly wear away the aluminum. Stainless steel and DOM tubing is recommended. According to Ryan’s testing, DOM is a bit stiffer than stainless, but you have to apply a non-silicone paste wax to keep it from rusting.

thanks for the tips…last week I visited a shop with a 25.4 part and tested it with an inch tube and it was ok…so I will do a research for the stainless steel parts first then I will print…thanks again