Thought I just needed to have a seat

25 miles from me…enough to feel it while I was standing up. Hope it wasn’t the foreshock.

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They decided it as bigger…

Dam looks like it has been a lot of moving recently. Never know when it is just getting started or the last one for a while.

Man that’s crazy. Better find something to hold on to LOL

Don’t worry, if your dining table pattern gets messed up you can just run the job again.

I mean if the house doesn’t fall on it.

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Are we going to be neighbours??

In a few million years give or take you might.

I went in and asked the littel one, “do you know what to do in case of an earthquake?”, “get under the table!”

“Well…normally that would be right but this one is glass…Let’s go for a doorway instead.”

We had another 4.5 last night and 9:13 PM nothing since. So it was a foreshock but luckily not to a much larger one. Nothing since, that is good.


Wow man that is wild stay safe!!

I’ve been in a couple of ~4 magnitude quakes in CA, and a similar sized one in Japan. This Colorado kid considers my lifetime earthquake quota fully met.

Glad it was just a small pair.

DAm another bigger closer quake just now…felt like the house was jello for a minute.

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Got a phone alert 6 seconds later rock and roll!!

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5.0 for 21 seconds…thank goodness. The alert said “5.7!!! Duck and cover!”

5.7 for that long would have been real freaky.

edit downgraded to 4.1 the numbers are still being calculated, I guess. That one felt a lot bigger, maybe because I was upstairs.

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Two factoids: My old house in New Orleans was near a major thoroughfare with a serious surface issue at our intersection. When trucks hit it at speed, the house would shake. Which would wake my aunt and uncle (from San Jose) when they would visit. Second, a classmate from uni (who is now a senior VP at Google) started her career in Ridgecrest, CA i.e., Earthquake City. Yes, related to China Lake weapons labs.

I always giggle at Tracy, because im my head it goes: “Tracy is a girl’s name.” There used to be a comedy here where the easterbunny would tell Satan “Luci is a girl’s name.” and I am not getting rid of that thought… :joy:

We live near a gravel quarry and they sometimes do some big explosions or something and our house vibrates a little for 20s or so. If you are looking at a glass of water, it would look like Jurassic Park.

I have caught it mostly in the early morning. I wonder if it isn’t enough to wake most people up, so they prefer 5am. Or maybe they are just trying to GSD and starting early.

Maybe it is an earthquake? We do get small ones sometimes. Maybe I should apologize to the quarry.

Dam , we just had another one…this is a lot.

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So South of me, north of me, and today west of me. Really hope that is done, stress relived, and now we go a couple of years without any of these size.

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Thats crazy. We get hurricanes but plenty of time to prepare for them. That stuff you have no way of knowing until its happening. Stay safe!!!

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Are you sure your new sorter isn’t to blame?