Thought I just needed to have a seat

25 miles from me…enough to feel it while I was standing up. Hope it wasn’t the foreshock.

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They decided it as bigger…

Dam looks like it has been a lot of moving recently. Never know when it is just getting started or the last one for a while.

Man that’s crazy. Better find something to hold on to LOL

Don’t worry, if your dining table pattern gets messed up you can just run the job again.

I mean if the house doesn’t fall on it.

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Are we going to be neighbours??

In a few million years give or take you might.

I went in and asked the littel one, “do you know what to do in case of an earthquake?”, “get under the table!”

“Well…normally that would be right but this one is glass…Let’s go for a doorway instead.”

We had another 4.5 last night and 9:13 PM nothing since. So it was a foreshock but luckily not to a much larger one. Nothing since, that is good.


Wow man that is wild stay safe!!

I’ve been in a couple of ~4 magnitude quakes in CA, and a similar sized one in Japan. This Colorado kid considers my lifetime earthquake quota fully met.

Glad it was just a small pair.