The Highrider Build

Hello all,

Just wanted to share the progress of my LR3 build. I wanted to be able to rout full sheets of MDF (49"x97") just incase. However this required a huge table and I did not want to sacrifice the floor space in my basement. We have a two port garage but I don’t like leaving my vehicle out during winter so I came up with a table attached with cables on a pulley/winch system.

Tested the bare table to make sure it raised high enough.

Currently have the temporary build done, just waiting on a vacuum hose and I will start cutting my struts!


Super curious how the thing drives just floating from cables. Pls keep us updated.

Looks like it gets set down on the saw horses.

Very clever use of space, i like it.

I also like the clever/witty names around here!

Thanks! Yep for now gets set on saw horses. I may try running it suspended just for fun and will share if I do. I was planning on having legs that rotate down from underneath the table when I lower it but was too excited to build the LR3!


Well… Now you have a project to cut on the machine…


Very cool!
That brings back memories… My father made a similar set up for raising and lowering my train board when i was a kid.

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We had a canoe in our garage hung that way made for fast loading and unloading also. :grinning:

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