Thank you very much

I just wanted to drop a quick thank you to a few folks, and im sorry, but plenty ill miss.
I was out of the CNC game for many years after I built the version one MPCNC . I built it too big, put it up on a winch, it was still too big, bought a 80w laser.
I wanted to re build it again, as I kept all the parts. Instead I built the low rider.
I forgot how to use arduino, I forgot how to do ANYTHING.
@jeffeb3 @vicious1 @Matticustard (and more, but im limited to 3) and many others for helping me through this last few weeks.
I built the parts from CF PLA with 4 shells and 40% infill and they are SOLIDDDDDD.
I had some issues with steppers and speeds and grinding and you name it.
Finally it all came together. Vcarve Desktop a modified PP from @Matticustard and we are good.
Spoil board complete, sexy as heck and ready to do something… Guess I didnt think about that party :slight_smile:
thanks again guys.


Congratulations on getting it up and running. The spoil board looks great.

Nice setup, seems compact, how big is workable area?

We weren’t there. Your build looks great, thanks to you for sharing.

18*35 or so