Tft35 v2 firmware troubles, installed official but cant install anything else

Hi all, as the above states, i have installed the official firmware from bigtrees github for the screen but im really after installing the cnc orientated v1 firmware. Whenever i put the firmware, config and tft35 folder it skips the .bin file, installs the icons, trys the config the goes to something like “lcd simulation(insert number)” and wont respond unless i put the reset.txt and start again. i know its not the bootloader as ive installed the latest but could it be due to it seeing it as an older version? Thanks in advance and sorry if this has been dealt with before

Just incase anyone comes here with the same problem. I had to re install the bootloader using a usb connector i bought off ebay for about £3 (google usb ch340 seial adapter usb)

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