Tele guitar body and another Parrillera!

Hello everyone, I finally had the time and managed to make a guitar body out of Oak. As always the MPCNC didn’t disappoint. Kudos to everyone in the community for all the help!

If anyone is planning to do the same and need some help reach me out and I’ll try my best to help!

Also, I milled a cutting board out of Peroba rosa wood.


You can check out more of my MPCNC projects in FB and IG


Nice work. You have been busy your IG is full of beautiful projects!!

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Thanks a lot Ryan! Yeah I think I got myself a nice little hobby with the mpcncn thanks to all you guys :sweat_smile:


This is a very cool idea, can you have a video demonstration when you are done?


I actually just finished both of them and didn’t make a video of the process but I’m planning of making a bass and another cutting board in the near future and will be sure to make a time-lapse!