T8 brass nut

Me again, sorry guys getting close to finishing now.

I’ve put together the middle section, all went well. Just one question. the instructions mention a T8 brass nut which goes ontop, but I did not see this in the list of hardware. I am using 8mm allthread (not leadscrew). Do I still need the T8 brass nut? My guess is that the brass nut is only for the leadscrew install as the threads on the nut seem like they’ll only fit a leadscrew. Do I need to order one? Or do I leave it out if using allthread?


Thanks heaps



I switched from all thread to lead screw and couldn’t be happier. It moves up and down much faster with just a couple turns.




Thanks Brandon for the reply. So I can assume I’m right that I don’t need the T8 brass nut for allthread?


I will probably switch to leadscrew also, but I just want to get the machine going first and then let the upgrades begin.

Correct, it you’re using all thread, you don’t need the tnut. I’m still running all thread. Built my machine last Feb, been through 3 different Z assembly designs, still on the same screw!

Sorry for the confusion I updated the instructions.