Sunday afternoon project

Made a hanging sign for my son’s room. Used the new diode laser to engrave the letter locations before cutting out the round and separate letters.


I bet you’re a hero! And I like the clouds. :+1:

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Gotta keep the wife happy, and I’m happy with the way it turned out. The cloud lights are from ikea, I ended up soldering them as a daisy chain so I only needed to run one dc transformer.


Very nice!

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Nice and laser marking the positions is a great idea.


I was itching to use my new laser in some useful way. I also used the laser to engrave a 1/8in square as the “origin” point to work from for cutting the round after switching to the router. I designed the origin square into the dxf that was exported from illustrator so that I could utilize it from both lightburn and fusion 360 for their respective operations.

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Too cool
I bet he loves it!

Wow! What laser did you use? Was it attached to the LR?

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Hi, I use a NEJE A40640, and yes I use it attached to the lowrider. The laser was only used to mark a faint outline to use as a guide to line the lettering up.

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Have you connected it to a SKR pro 1.2? How did you do it / what tutorial did you follow?

I run a full size Rambo. Sorry, I set up the laser about two years ago, I don’t remember what tutorials I used. I think I found some threads on this forum though.

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