Stepper motors direction when homing

can anyone tell me exact direction stepper motors supposed to turn when homing x,y,z its clockwise or counterclockwise for z1,z2,y1,y2 and x ?

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Given the axes you are using, I assume you are building a Lowerrider. The Lowrider homes Z up. I believe this is the directions (from the stepper point of view…i.e. looking from the back of the stepper):

X  - counterclockwise
y1 - counterclockwise
y2 - clockwise
Z1 - counterclockwise
Z2 - counterclockwise

Note you don’t have to solve this right now. It can easily be solved quickly later in the build. Stand along the X axis of the machine looking in the Y direction. Y home should be towards you, X home should be the left edge, and Z home is up.

  • If two paired steppers (Y1 and Y2 or Z1 and Z2) are fighting each other, flip one plug of one stepper
  • if you move right when attempting to move negative X direction, flip the the X plug.
  • If you move away from you when moving in the negative Y direction, flip both Y plugs
  • If you move down when moving in the positive Z direction, flip both Z plugs.
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aha that explains rhe problem i knew were conflicts and locked motor, i tested ech one using the spare stepper motor with all unplugged from mks gen v1,4 board that had marlin flashed from one of their firmware found on this v1 engineering site i suspect firmeare may not be correctly for stepper driver im using tmc2209 on all sockets ill have change wiring order for stepper motors

my test as following x = clockwise 1/4th turns
y1counterclockwise,tripped the board reset
y2 same as y1
z1 tripped board reset maybe locked
z2 counterclockwise but locked motor

yep either the wiring order of the plug or wrong firmware config…

one thing I’m stumped when looking though lr3 documentation on endstops it doesn’t mention whether those switches are normally open or closed? even in part list it doesn’t say it…

The V1 maintained Marlin firmware expects normally closed switches. If you do an M119 to check the state of your switches, a value of “open” means untriggered and is not related to NO or NC switches.

“If you are running the Current firmware you will need to have your endstops wired in Normally Closed (NC), this is the outer two tabs on the endstops, we do not use the middle one.”

There is a statement similar to this, I believe, in almost all of the docs pages for the supported control boards.

yep thats what i did to verify the state its all triggered as closed … only 3 min plugs are enabled hmmmm maybe wrong firmware for dual endstops ill have to reflash the ramps dual endstop version

duh? i flashed V1CNC_Ramps_DualLR-2.1.1 firmware that is correct for inland mks gen v1.2 board with ender 3 pro lcd screen i issued the m119 command it now sees all 5 of endstops only 4 are triggered and z probe is open(not hooked up yet) but the lcd screen is blank …ill haave to compile from the source V1CNC_Ramps_DualLR-2.1.1 …for that lcd support

I had a MKS gen L v1.0, which used the RAMPS firmware. I initially used a 2004 reprap discount controller. I did have to recompile the formware for the 2004 controller, but eventually just got the 12864 controller, as the 2004 one had some issues. I don’t know how that Ender LCD gets comfigured…

I know I went through the changes to configuration.h when I Primo, but can’t find the specifics. You have to remove the custom boot screen, because the other controller can’t display it, and change the controller type. Pretty sure that’s the gist of it. It was version 507 when I did it, so that was a few versions ago.

yep compiling marlin tends to fail fyi for those ender 3 pro lcd screen its #define cr10_display but more fails on other part like stepper tmc2209 which complains of y2 stepper pins … after i correct it but more fail
all i need is a precompiled or configuration.h from someone who has similar hardware to mine for lr3 cnc …
the default is set for drv8825 i only have tmc2209
your is gen l which is different from mine
mine is bought cheap from microcenter as inland mks gen v1.2 board

microcenter no longer sell it good thing i snapped up at $9 clearance
here the info
The new MKS GEN 1.2 3D Printer Controller board combines and improves the assets of the RAMPS 1.4 and Aduino Mega 2560 boards on a fantastic single board solution. The MKS GEN1.2 is an optimal 3D printer controller solution for your Reprap 3D Printer. Easy DISPLAY + SD-CARD connector, compatible pin header on board for 2864 & 2004 LCD Display controller panels. 6x end stop connectors with power supply Xmin/Xmax/Ymin/Ymax/Zmin/Zmax. 5 Stepper Motor Driver Slots. The boards supports a wide variety of Stepper Motor Drivers; most notably A4988, 8825 and Ice-Blue Stepper Motor drivers drive.
also it supports tmc2208 and tmc2209 too