Stepper backs up a few mm

I have the 6 pack controller stepper motor moving 10mm then falls back 2 or 3 mm belts. Everything is tight no slack or it’s on the x axis. I have the current on the stepper set to full current on idle and it still does. Y is not doin this. It’s not a low rider it’s just a 4 axis with 2 y motors 1 z and one x. External drivers are dm556 driver’s. It acts like something is pulling it back. Any help would help.

Maybe posting some pics will help folks here to understand the situation better.

I see if I can do a video.

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I think my external driver is turning off current when not moving. I got a motor and driver are coming.

Do you have /stepping/idle_ms set to 255?


Also look at your holding current.


Also, check the grub screws on the pulleys.

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Thanks, Bart told me to 255 but thanks so much for getting back to me. Everything working fine probe limit switches. Going in the right direction, and 100% running. Now for the learning.

I thought 250 was the holding idle. My mistake. Thanks all. We make a heck of a team.