Starwars LR2 and Marvel LR3

Decided to upgrade from LR2 to LR3 after seeing the Starwars calendar and glad I did

LR2 - 60 degree 1/4 inch vbit 4 flutes doc 2mm, 12mm per sec, 7mm flat depth, 15000 rpms, 400mm x 400mm

LR3 20mm per second, 2mm doc, 1/4 inch 90 vbit 550mm x 550mm


Looks awesome!

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Thank you, I was impressed with the detail in teeth for a 90 degree vbit :grinning:

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OK so I’ve threatened a video for a while so if you want to be bored for 8 mins and 37 secs then here you go. And yes I know my name isn’t Fred Bloggs but don’t tell Youtube :slight_smile:


Cool! I would love to see more videos.

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Thanks, I’ll put more up when I can. LR3 does need more videos.

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So did you program all the cuts in estlcam, one by one or did you do a stl carve? (cant think of the correct name)

I used inspire and downloaded the STL from the web, selected all paths (Ctrl-a) and just selected vcarve and then vbit, speed etc. Should be the same in estclam. If your carvings are inverted then add another circle to the outside of the workpiece so select the outer circle and choose offset to add another circle, odd I know but it works.

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