Starting out easy, but now it's too cold

I haven’t really had much of a chance to keep experimenting and 33 degrees is way too cold to go out in the garage. Hopefully it will start warming up soon. Here are some of the little things that I have experimented with.


Michigan here, I just about have an insulated room in my garage complete, but this cold wave is way to cold to go out there and even work on it. I cannot wait.

You need to put a mini split in the garage with AC and Heat :slight_smile:

My shop has a 15 ton unit. I only have it set to 40f when I’m not out there. Just enough to keep paint from freezing.

I talked my wife into letting me use our third flat (that used to be garage but got converted by the previous owner. Still really dark and not nice to live in) as a workshop. I have heating, a kitchen and a bathroom with shower. :smile: It’s not that big though, think European garage, not American one. :yum:


I need that in the house before garage :rofl:

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Sorry do not have any idea what that would be! But sounds nice

Like, for a single car. Not two cars, one dinosaur and four snow mobiles. :smile:


Don’t knock the dinosaur!!!
:t_rex: :sauropod: :t_rex:

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Doesn’t really matter how big the garage is it’s always too cluttered to actually get the car in.