Squaring the middle assembly


Yesterday I build the middle assembly. The instructions at the end (and throughout) say to make sure everything is square (makes sense). I’m getting a smaller angle than 90 degrees. It’s about an 1/8" gap (inside corner) over a 24"length. I tried using adjustment bolts “A” to increase my angle to 90 degrees but it just won’t get there. I have adjustment bolt “B” still loose at this point ( though I have tried tightening it which didn’t change anything ).

I’m using 3/4" EMT and it’s moving smoothly and the bearings are rolling nicely.

Is there some other adjustment I’m missing?

Have a look at the FAQ’s.

You will always square it before each cut, but I suggest you use it for a while and break it in. Spending days to get it perfect just to have it settle and change will irritate you.

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