Spoilboard "Dogs" / braces

I watched YouTube video recently where the guy had a series of holes cut in his spoilboard and was using short pieces of PVC pipe to form edges for holding his work material (cutting boards, in this case). Thinking of doing something similar and wonder if anyone here as already gone down that road?

This short clip shows the layout I’m talking about - I like the idea of the PVC pipe, as it’s much softer than a screw or some other metal hold-down that could wreck your mills.

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We’ve had several threads about that, one fairly recently. Can’t remember what the name was though. :stuck_out_tongue:

So here’s what I came up with. Holes sized for 1” PVC. I’ll use wedges to hold the workpiece in place. Think it’s gonna work out pretty well.


Brilliant. Going to trying this with some Uponor/Pex leftovers.


I did this with one of my other CNC machines. Used 1/2" PVC though and works great. Same concept you are doing. Use wedges to push in. We must have been watching the same “cutting board” YT vids!!

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