Sonosus's painfully tortoise slow LR3 build

First off a big thanks to Ryan and all the beta testers who helped the project come to life and documented it all so well. I’ve been checking this forum daily to see if the new machine’s been released and at last… The day has come!

This is my first proper CNC project. I built a janky cantilever pen plotter a while ago that never worked properly (hopefully this one will) so I shelved the CNC idea until now.
I have very limited time and budget at the moment so won’t be going anywhere fast. The project starts with an old 500W Black and Decker router I found at a local tool repair project for £10. Hopefully it’ll manage my first few cuts and if it doesn’t cut it I can get a better one sometime later down the line.

First, the printing. My Ender 3 is kind of tied up printing component storage boxes right now and I need to order up some PLA in a nicer colour than black so this project won’t start anytime soon. When are the files coming out?

Anyhow, stand by for more progress!*

* Date of completion unknown. Your capital may be at risk. See full terms on our website.