So I was able to try aspire

Wow way easier then I expected , but having a friend with a machine shop and a license I can play with has made a difference.

I make a simple sign that I am proud off. But I will admit the it was ANGRY as it made it

Full speed ahead and driving it home.

I will need to figure out how to make it more lady lady. And step into it with grace. Rather then a sledge hammer

Anyone here have insight into on making it cutting in steps rather r then drilling in 5mm and just going postal

Probably didn’t use the correct post processor, so it used the travel speeds and feeds instead. Marlin needs speed gcode on every line, otherwise it uses the last speed it saw.

I used a marlin.pp file i found here in the forums, in a Vetric thread.

not sure if there is an “approved” location.

I wrote that PP blind. I have never used aspire, if you look through that thread a user was testing it and at least one version was working. Compound that with people are starting to buy old or pirated version on eBay and I think they respond differently to the PP.
I can’t really do much without the software. I highly suggest you stick with Estlcam until you see a reason to change, I never have.

Well being able to see and edit the tool paths has been a huge thing. I get button happy and find I am at 100 Objects before I know it…

I think estlcam has its place, but if you banging out signs. VCarve or aspire is the way to go

And there is 500 videos on YouTube to show you 20 ways

I made up the sign in the picture in 10 minutes? Had it cut in 5

Now I can go back and play. With estlcam, I was an hour before I was done designing.

Having access to a machine shop has come in handy

We joked about milling the 3d printed parts

Like I said, I have never used it. I am sure it has some great features. For $2000, not too many $300 CNC users are going to be purchasing it.

Have a look in that thread. I made several tests, if you can find one that puts an “F” command at the end of every line that is what you need. Let me know which one works, because one of them did.

Or link to your file so I can look to see if there any other issues. You have said it didn’t work but didn’t really give any details to what happened.

Not sure if I miss commented, the phone has me re reading things.

It did work, just pretty violent

Every cut was done in one pass, the table was rocking from the router being tossed around.

I need to figure out how to make it more gracefully. / Slower and even multienpass,

When cutting out the sign, it did a 6mm plunge into the work and made a circle.

It would have been nicer at half the speed and 2-3 passes for the cut

What did you set for speed, and rapids?

And that’s whAt I need to look at.

I just blindly took the pre made bit in the toolbox in aspire…
It was 1 or 2 am and it didn’t occur to me it would be. Balls to the wall.

I was following a video and then clicked. Start.

I will play with the tool paths.

I was thinking maybe I would find a partner in crime who did the same and point and. Laugh

all. Noob/rookie mistakes

Have you looked through this page,

It’s been a week or too. Yes I went through alot of it, but I did a lot of it in estlcam.

Right now I think my biggest problem. Is I switched software and just turned it on.

That is the benefit of estlcam, you have it all setup in baby steps,. And I know I left before I learned to fly pro perly

Well, Violence

explained :slight_smile:

9mm DOC at 60mm/s, you might have broken some parts like that.

I did say it was moving violently :slight_smile:

but I was cutting MDF and it was a brand new bit . so I will watch to see the behavior.

and if I broke anything , its part of the learning curve, and fixing stuff.

you dont learn, if your not doing it wrong

I have my speeds and feeds set appropriately but aspire pulls the rapid Z feed rate from lord knows where. It had my poor LR2 trying to rapid Z at 3000mm/min. :roll_eyes: i opened my gcode in notepad and found and replaced all feeds of the rapid “G0” lines and it works fine now.

I’m impressed the machine handled those rates to get the result you got! I once had mine jumping up and down when a bit worked itself loose and took a much deeper than expected cut.

It’s obvious to me now the bit was destroyed due to heat.