Smallest Lowrider project? Get cracking

Farm egg + laser

Because why not :neutral_face:


Do they burn through easily ? Spot cook ? That is so cool !!!

Soft boiled with names on them for place settings special occasions :egg:

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It seems to vaporize about 5-10 microns, so it doesn’t pierce the shell, but the cuticle is compromised, so I won’t be leaving it out like usual.

Good to know. Did it smell as bad as leather ? Almost thought I was. A dead man after personalizing a pair of gloves for may dad without the fan on. WOW don’t do that at home​:smiley::smiley:

Surprisingly no smell. The shell is just calcium.
The inside of the letters is a bit metallic. I think that is calcium metal.

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Thanks for the info I am going to try it

Friend of mine tried engraving a moose antler in a commercial laser engraver. Said even with the exhaust running it stunk up the shop.

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