Skr board driver error and coil short

As instructed by @vicious1, this topic is in reference to a separate issue regarding errors involving M82, all low, driver error, random shutdown, coil short, and tft marlin mode. Tft marlin mode knob selection malfunction has been fixed by taking plastic casing off tft. I have no idea why the knob press would work but the rotary would not but anyways it’s solved by taking pressure off wiring harness that connects the tft to the motherboard. As to the other driver issues I will upload pictures of my current position regarding my most recent info. Mainly I was able to log into the local ip address through the espui and all though marlin says tmc driver error on the esp32 webui it returns the drivers are fine but the coil to x&x2 are shorted and calls auto shutoff after that message. I have an Ender 3 cnc and have tested the motors on that machine to find the coils are correct and functioning is working properly. I am going to try and swap the coils in the middle right now and see if that fixes the problem but I’m assuming that would mean the firmware was flashed with a different coil scheme then labeled on the board. Anyways will send pics as soon as I get a chance. Thank you for all your help.

Please upload a picture or two.

Where did you buy it from?

What are you trying to use it for?

What board, drivers, and TFT do you have exactly if not from here?

The firmware has nothing to do with that. The coil scheme (A1, A2, B2, B1) is on the circuit board from the drivers, so the pairing there is pure hardware, and almost impossible to have wrong, with the possible exception of having the polulo driver plugged in wrong, or a bent pin. Even then more likely to have the “all low” error. Any short circuits from placing the board on a conductive surface can damage stuff.

X & X2 sounds like the MPCNC Dual endstop firmware. Can you confirm that?

Also if the motor power on the SKR board isn’t connected, some things get funky.

Short version:

Error, solution

All-low + random shutoff , run 2 psu

Driver error,stepper wire middle two“switcheroo”

Motor shake/none-movement, pulley idler loose

*Want to get it moving fast, marlin mode has more settings to adjust drivers and max out the driver current plus loosen pulley belt and secure idlers. (I know I’ll get heat for the whole maxing out the driver current but a 40 year retired vet in industrial automation told me, “if you don’t max out you’ll never know what the safe limit really is”)

Long version below:

My apologies. So the solution given to me by a retired automation engineer was to run separate power supply unit to the board and another psu to the motor drivers and power them to the max voltage and amperage that they both can handle according to their designed max current. That took care of the power shut off and revealed that one of my idlers for my y1-axis motors was loose causing the pulley teeth to grab onto itself making it seem like the axis wasn’t moving when it just was restricted. Once that was fixed I was able to set the driver current to 1800 milliamperes for x,y and Z to 1000, then set the drivers to stealthchop or, (whatever that setting is called that can only be found in marlin mode) , to all enabled. I set the max feed rate to double the default and travel speed was doubled as well. The psu going into the power was 27 volts and 1.4 amps. The psu powering the drivers/motors was running at 48v and 6 amps. The last thing I forgot to mention was that their was a wiring problem before all the above and the solution was that the stepper wires had the two middle wires crossed on one end and not crossed on the other. This causes a short in the coils due to ABCD = ACBD. Hopefully that makes sense but anyways carrying on. Fixing the wires, such that ABCD==ABCD is now true, along with making sure the plugs going from the psu’s were 3 prong grounded into the outlets to insure negative and positive was always uniform is what got rid of the ‘all low’ error.

Lost my train of thought so I hope I got it all but wanted to say the machine is moving what me and a few others present at the time would say at speeds equivalent to 3 times the human arm could possibly move a router and 5 times faster then any shark brand cnc we have ever seen move. The working area is 4 foot by a little over 6 foot and 1 foot Z with a makita router. It is actually scary how powerful and fast this machine is so if someone reading this is about to give up please trust me that it is more then worth it to see a cnc move this fast and accurate. Anyways hope you enjoyed the read and hope it helps someone but all in all I would say everything is running and working far above expectations so thank you.

Also I have a pending confirmed purchase for bitcoin at $21,000 3:48 pm today and I set this limit order 2 days ago so I don’t know why but feel like someone needed to hear this. And please don’t respond to this at all just let it fade into the ether and ignore cause it has nothing to do with this topic. Or v1 in general.

Heat is the issue.

The motors will take usually more than we give it, typically about 2A, and we often run half that, or less, because of heat.

We do know that PLA starts to soften at about 50°C, and running the motors at full rated current, they will get warmer than that. While the motors can take it, the printed plastic parts that they’re bolted to can’t. The max current should not harm the motors, they can withstand much higher temperatures than the machine can.

Sure, bump up the current, but this is what you’re watching for, the motors getting too hot for the machine. If the motors are getting to that 50° point, it’s a good idea to reduce current.

thats why I am going to have the 3d printed parts aluminum molded or if possible electroplate the plastic any recommendations on good tutorials or info on the subject?

Before you go to all that trouble, you should see if you actually need it. I set the current extra low in the firmware, and sell giant nema 17’s. We can easy push the machine’s limits without upping the current. At this time all more current gets you is faster rapids (and I set those extremely low in the firmware so even that can be doubled or even more stock).

Unless you enjoy casting your own parts I do believe this will not result in anything beneficial.