SKR 1.2 Pro & TFT35 - "no printer attached"

I just received my skr 1.2 pro with the TFT35, and regardless of the firmware I load on the board or the TFT, the screen still reads “no printer attached”. FYI…I am able to connect my steppers and move them all via Repetier Host via my laptop. Please advise?

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Did you adjust the baud rate in the settings? It should be 250k

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That is what it was originally, and I receive the “All Low” error.

The all low error is coming from the Marlin board. So that is a step in the right direction. That means the motor drivers aren’t talking to Marlin. Most likely, you have not plugged them in, of they don’t have power.

So I have semi resolved the issue, I changed the baud rate a few times and the notice of printer not attached still appears, but if I unplug the usb cable and reconnect it eventually goes away and allows for touchscreen control. Thank you jeffeb3 for you help. Now off to get end stops wired and working correctly.