Size advice

Hi there!

I’ve just ordered the “MOSTLY PRINTED CNC PARTS BUNDLE”, i’ve printed all the parts in 25mm.
What i got left is to decide on the size.
Now, i will get 25mm steel tubes, that is 4mm thick. PN MPa 37,9 and the weight kg/m is 2.07.
Would it be possible for me to go with a working-area of 1m?
Or would that be crazy?
Would Z-axis on 10mm be “sufficient”?

GT2 Belt enough for any combination of 48" of X and Y axis length
Meaning if i go 1x1meter in work-size - i dont need more belt?

Also, it says on the metric-calculator:

3x X-axis Conduit Lengths:
3x Y-axis Conduit Lengths:
2x Z-Rail Lengths:

Does that mean i need 3x 1,264mm tubes? So a total of 3,792mm for just the X?

Sorry for the stupid questions, just want to make sure so i dont order wrong :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!

Confused-Swede :slight_smile:

You are going to need a total of 6x 1.264m tubes, three for X and three for Y. You use two for the sides and the third to move the center pieces around.

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That would mean that with a working-size of 1x1metre metric, i would require 12metres of pipe!

Could someone confirm that the buildsize would be alright?
Or would i need to downsize it?

If you want something that big the LowRider CNC is a much better option.

A medium/large MPCNC is 2’x2’ best for plastics and softer at that size, until you really get the hang of proper CAM setups.

It is very easy to cut the rails any size you want and just initially put together really really small, 10"x10" work space and expand after you get the hang of it.

Thank you!

Ryan - Do you know when My kit Will be shipped?

If you have placed an order already it will ship tomorrow, today is a holiday. I am printing labels right now so you will have a tracking number by the end of the day.