Should i build a Lowrider ?

Hello ! I have a MPCNC and i need to cut a lot of pieces in plywood sheet, like in this picture :

But I want to cut Larger piece of plywood, like that i not have to cut my plywood in many part to put on the Cnc machine.
So i want to build a Lowrider. But the fact is that now, to cut the pieces you can see on the picture in a sheet of plywood that is 70cmX70cm, the time of machining is 2 hours.

The best settings i can have with my Mpcnc are : With a 1/8″ bit i can go 2,7mm deep and 13 mm/s speed on the plywood.

The Plywood is 1,5 centimeters thick.

2 Hours of cutting for me, it is a very long time, with the noise and the fact i want to surveil if nothing goes wrong with the CNC.

If i make a Lowrider who can cut sheet of plywood that are 4 times bigger, if the settings are the same than the MPCN, i have 8hours of cutting.

So my questions : Is the Lowrider can cut more deeper, or more quicker than the MPCNC ?

Can i buy something like that for the Lowrider to speed up the process (and reduce the noise) :

Do i need a Lowrider, or if the time of cut is the same, perhaps it is not really necessary to cut bigger sheet of plywood…

Thanks a lot for your advices guys !



The LR just lets you cut bigger sheets, not any faster. The LR will print at the same speeds as your MPCNC. Mostly this depends on the router/spindle that you use. The rigidity of the LR (and the power of the steppers and the GT2 belt are factored in as well). That spindle that you linked might let you cut faster but it also depends on the LR itself. Hopefully Ryan will chime in with more info.


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Agreed. If you build it the same size it could possibly cut faster, but as you get larger it is the same, and then at full sized needs to be slightly slower. But it can typically handle a bit deeper per pass to make up for the speed. Nothing is going to be a huge jump though.

If you do make it, I would love to see another video!!!

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Thank you so much for your answers guys, if i do it, i tell you !