Shipment is cancelled. But my card is still charged

I bought the lowrider but my order was canceled on Feb 2. May I know the reason please?

My credit card was still charged.

I would like to purchase one.


Oops. I just read the email and the reason I got canceled because I ordered a few things wrongly and it’s easier for me to just reorder the whole thing.


Good luck. All you folks overseas, it is quite the exercise in patience and trust to order like this!


When it comes to ordering parts internationally, determanation is key! And I’m very determined to buy the lowrider. Hahaha.

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Your card has been refunded correct? It can take a few business day to actually clear but it should show pending at this point. The length is up to whatever service you chose (PP or shopify, crypto) not anything I can change.

Yes sir. It’s been refunded to my PayPal acc. I asked because I need to clear my credit card limit to repurchase the lowrider. Which I did!!! Can’t wait for it to reach me! Thanks again to Ryan for this ingenious innovation!

P.s The dw 611 puts a lot of pain for a person from the 3rd world country. Hahaha.

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Turns out there is actually a international version of this. Look up the smaller router on the dewalt site for your country and you will get your local model number.