Shameless promotion :-P ...Making Circles With the Lowrider

I’ve been learning how to create YouTube videos for family and friend consumption and I hope to make more projects with the Lowrider as the star :slightly_smiling_face:


Okay that was great. The production was great, narration, a little bit of silly added in, perfect project for the CNC. I hope you have more vids to come, thanks for sharing. Tell your friend those pieces are pretty rad, I love the use of the common stuff…not sure how else to put that but the colorful butterfly on the daily mundane.

Forgetting to plug in the tool, and the race car noises, awesome.


Loved the video! The squiggle faces on the NEMA ends made my day. :slight_smile:


What is your tool of choice for editing that video?

Exactly! Those little touches, that I am sure took a ton of time, made it great.


Thanks for the enthusiastic response!
I’ve been using this open source software: Kdenlive - Video Editing Freedom
It’s quite good. Still a work in progress but the devs seem pretty active.

Every video I try I set some editing/filming goals. Getting audio balanced reasonably well is really hard but I think I understand it now.
I’m trying different transitions, music, color, etc.
I find it a fun challenge and I’ve got a lot of respect for people that make it a profession!


I’ve used kdenline in Linux and it works great. But I made sure to install the newer version from snap, rather than the version from apt (which required a bazillion deps).


Yeah I was using it on windows first then started using it on a Linux machine but I had problems with the dependencies too. I think I’m using a flatpak. Might be a snap. Can’t remember what ended up working in the end. It takes only a couple of minutes to change the defaults when I do a new install so I just install fresh when there’s an update.


Did you use the new motion tracking for the faces? The old one was difficult and I haven’t gotten back to trying it since they re-wrote it.

I tried but it didn’t track well. Not sure why. I ended up going through it manually shifting every other frame or so.


Great project! Another great tool, though not free, but cheap with a lot of easy to use features is screencastomatic. Has easy to use tools for voiceovers captions annotations, save to disk, save direct to a streaming service. I think it’s still $18 bucks a year


Nice, Liked and subscribed