Houston, I have a problem. After homing the LR3.I tested my X Axis and it was easy to move. Is this a problem with the pulley or is this normal? I wonder if this is the cause of my shifts. also Y1 is not so steady. Y2 is ok. I hope you’re understanding my Google English.

I had something similar happen when I homed my machine, then had to run an errand. When I returned the X axis stepper had disengaged.

Is this happening if the machine is left idle in the homed position for extended periods of time?

The steppers are always unpowered when using Marlin, aren’t they? They have to be enabled by the program I think, if you don’t do that they will unpower after homing? Or do I have that completely wrong? :expressionless:

I dismantled one motor and the screws in the pulley are gone. Learned a lesson… always use locking glue :flushed: whats the size of the screws? M4? And the length?


The pulley screws are M3 grub screws I believe that they’re 4mm that they give you, but I’ve used 6mm ones from the lead screw couplers in there when I’ve lost them, and in at least one case, I just jammed an M3x10 pan head screw in as a “temporary” solution 4 years ago (And yes, it’s still in there, since it’s a pain to take the motor out and replace it.)

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Finale thoughts: the screws on pulley Y1 and X were gone. Y2 was Ok. Now I cannot move X and Y. I used loctite 243 for locking the screws.
The screws in the pulleys are M4. Luckely I bought A box with different sizes :smirk:.