SD Card Size

Ok, searched the forums and Googled the RepRapDiscount controller. Is there a recommended size on the SD Card. I’m a little old school in that I remember when larger cards don’t read on certain equipment. Thanks.

The smaller the better, formatted with FAT32.

These should be solid,


Thanks Ryan- done :slight_smile:

And also the emptier the better.

I realized a few weeks ago that the SD card was the reason why my display screen was so slow on the printer. The reason was that there were a lot of stuff in the card (mostly gcodes). It was slowing down all the menus, not only the “Print from SD card” one. The whole thing was quite slow and unresponsive.

After I wiped out the SD card Marlin became fast again.

So guys, don’t forget to clean your SD cards once in a while.

I am not sure it is the usage. Try putting everything at least one folder deep. Works like a champ for me that way. Nothing but folders in the root directory.

I’ve had huge problems with Kingston SD cards…from online auctions.

Turns out they’re not really 32gb and quite counterfeit. I only buy SD cards from stores now.

I had no folder in it, just a lot of gcode files in the root folder. Now I just clean the SD card regularly and everything works fine.