Screen Display

Good morning… I have a Rambo 1.4 board on the way (stuck in customs for 2 weeks) and was wondering what type of control displays I could use once I have everything printed and setup. I was looking at getting a different and more graphic controller than the one in the store (,Compatible/dp/B08B67DHWZ/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8).
Would there be any issues between the Rambo and the screen that I need to be aware of?

The second serial on the rambo isn’t turned on ATM. So you’d need to enable that to get that screen to worl in touchscreen mode. If you want to go that way, I would pick the tft35 V2 E3, because we have software that works for cnc and any improvements we make will focus on that version (for now).

The full discount rep rap display will work well though, and is very inexpensive. Ryan’s firmware is configured for that display out of the box.

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