Runout Detector Saver v1.0

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Holds M3 nut serving as input guide for filament on its way to runout detector. Prevents filament from eroding detector.

This part gets attached to your existing filament runout detector (the most commonly used type), see the render pics.

The “Runout Detector Saver” holds an M3 nut to serve as an “input guide” for the filament —on its way to the runout detector.

This prevents the filament from eroding the plastic tunnel of the detector, which then breaks the detector, because it can no longer “sense” the filament, since it is not in the right place.

In short, this prevents erosion from throwing off your filament runout detector’s “groove.”

Print info:

  • No supports needed.
  • Print as oriented.

Install info:

  • Insert an M3 nut into the capture slot. I used a nylock nut.
  • Remove the two screws holding your filament runout detector in place.
  • Add the “Runout Detector Saver” to the top of the filament runout detector.
  • Reinstall the two screws. If they are now not long enough, replace with longer ones. The Runout Detector Saver’s mount plate is 1.2mm thick.

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