Router table I made from scraps and leftovers

Been planning to make a router table for a long time. Had already ordered a cast aluminum router plate and some t-track. They’ve been just taking up space for the longest. I finally decided to use some scraps of OSB (leftover from my LowRider table build) for legs, hardboard scraps (left over from cutting LR3 struts for what is now going be the center beam/gantry for my CNC plasma table) for skin around the legs, a piece of scrap plywood someone had literally abandoned after a project at our church, for the top, and some MDF (left over after cutting my LR3 YZ plates) for making the fence. It ain’t pretty, but it will get the job done, and I don’t need it to be pretty. The only things that aren’t leftovers/scraps are the cast plate, t-track, and a 3D-printed dust collection port I designed and am currently printing. Used a hole saw and band saw to notch out the dust port on the fence back and fence bottom. Used my table saw top and fence to clamp to for the glue-up of the fence, to try to get as square as possible. I’m planning to actually use the new router table to dado for the t-track in the fence.

Download the STL for the print dust chute.

The 3D-printed dust collection port I designed and am currently printing:


Dang, that’s nicer than my table saw

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New pics added to the OP.

Also corrected the download link in the OP to the right part on Printables. I had unintentionally grabbed the wrong link when I first posted.