Router heat control

How do yaw control the heat at the cullet.

I just carved this for my wife and the cullet and bit got really hot and the cut wasn’t very deep and it wasn’t moving fast?

The routers always get hot, even running with no load.

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Final cut out. I’m so happy with how it did.


I know this one is ugly but it was just a test.

Great work buddy!

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Thanks bud I couldn’t be happier.

The first things you do always have a learning curve. You should be proud, it’s some detailed work. :slight_smile:

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Thank you, so far there hasn’t been any major issues. Fingers crossed.


What is the best feed rate for the desalt 660?

On the repetier host I have found that running the 45 v bit it runs good around 120mm/s and running the two flute end mill (not the flat end mill) it runs decent around 100-110mm/s but I haven’t played with the speeds that much.

Did you mean mm per second? That is quite fast. The milling basics page offers some (admittedly conservative) starter settings.

I think that’s what’s on the repetier control interface? If I have a bit I want to do deeper cuts with, how does estlcam differentiate to increase the step down? Is there a video on YouTube how to do relief carvings in estlcam?

Have you read the docs? There is an estlcam basics page (based on an older version of estlcam) and milling basics page. You can set a speed, plunge rate and depth of cut for each tool in estlcam.

Repetier host may be reporting mm/min, in which case, those numbers are pretty slow.

I did but it’s been a while I will go back and look at it again. I will try to post a video of it running and see what you think.