Rough surface on layers?

Does this photo mean anything to anyone? I stopped the print thinking it was because of cooling not working and thought my fan was broke but it’s not. To be fair, this layer would be long enough to not need the fan anyway according to the settings I’m using. However, this still looks wrong to me. I feel like each surface layer should look more uniform, not all bumpy like this. Any ideas where I should be looking? I’m going to double check my Slic3r settings now (I use the base settings on the V1 site as a starting point) to make sure I haven’t reset anything important.[attachment file=118067]

Loose set screw on the extruder motor? Water in the PLA?

Yeah, looks like it’s under extruding which could be any of a whole raft of issues. In addition to Jeff’s suggestions I’d also make sure the nozzle and throat are full seated to each other when at temperature and look for inconsistencies in the filament thickness.

Check your extrusion multiplier, nozzle diameter, extrusion width, filament diameter, 1st layer extrusion multiplier, and make sure you don’t have a partially clogged nozzle.

What does the underside of the print look like?

I think I may have found it. I recently upgraded Slic3r and it dumped all of my settings. I thought I had them right but was clued in that things were still a bit off because my bed wasn’t turning off at the end of the print. While digging I noticed that the nozzle was set to .5, not .4. Reprinting that piece now to have a look.