Rostock max v3 rpi rambo help!

A roommate of a friend of mine was going to throw this thing in the trash but it seems to be in great working order. So far the only exception to that is the fact that I can’t get it calibrated. It keeps crashing. The plan was to connect to the board and reset and save with m502 and m500. But when I was accessing the board I discovered that it had been upgraded with an rpi. I don’t have any experience with this and have no idea how to connect to the rpi. Is there anyone here who may be able to help with this?

I don’t really know much about them, but I assume you can just remove the RPi and connect to the board directly over USB at least at first.

Yeah that was a thought. I will probably end up doing that.

My guess is that the RPi is probably just providing a user interface via octoprint. The Rpi would probably need to be configured to connect to your network prior to use in that manner.

As Ryan notes, it should be possible to unplug the RPi USB from the Rostock control board and connect a computer to the control board directly.

Yeah I bypassed the rpi. It’s printing right now. I’m going to be a little risky and go to sleep while it prints. It appears to be going nicely.
I’m going to try to figure the rpi out here in the near future. It’s something I have always wanted to try.

You can try the v1pi. That should get you started and see if there is anything you would want to change.

That would be cool. Are there any advantages or disadvantages if I go that route?

For a printer, I would stick to octopi. The v1pi adds cnc.js and there is a version with a hotspot.

Alright thanks for the input guys!

Side note! This thing only has about 72hrs of print time on it. I feel like I just got a free car with less then a thousand miles on it.

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Seemecnc has a forums, all the guys there are great, I’m still a member, but don’t go there much anymore. Geneb here is also the guy that wrote the documentation.

I should probably check that out. Thank you!