Ready to order parts. A couple of questions

I had many more questions but was able to find most answers here on the forum. It’s great to have this resource close by. I just started printing the parts, going with the 1" OD stainless. Found a deal on craigslist.
I would like to order the bundle with the LCD but see thats it’s out of stock. Maybe the Corona virus is holding it up? Anyone know how much longer it could take?
I think I’ve decided to go with the mini rambo for the following reasons. I’m brand new to all this and don’t have much computer experience, but am willing to learn. Only plan on using this for small projects and to have fun, simple would be better. Always been a weekend woodworker, but since I retired last year, everyday’'s a weekend now. Am I making the right choice? Is there anything else I should add to the bundle?
Thanks for any advice.

Contact | V1 Engineering Inc for inventory notes. Looks like LCDs are paid for and waiting for shipping confirmation. But as you noted, China + COVID-19 = ??? :mask:

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Thanks for that info, guess I’ll have to be patient.