Raspberry Pi powering up Ramps

I am connecting the Ramps board to my Raspberry pi loaded with Octoprint, The Ramps board is powering up via the USB connector. which forces me to unplug the entire system or unplug the USB cable each time. Is it possible to send GCode’s to power on/off the RAMPs board? Or is there a way to disable the board rom powering up via USB?

There is gcode to enable/disable the motors, and there is gcode for resetting the 0,0,0 positions. You can set that gcode to a script in octoprint. Is there a reason why leaving it on is a problem? Otherwise, I think you could probably cut the 5V wire in your USB cable, or just put the whole thing on a power strip.

I have everything on a powerstrip now but I would like to leave the Raspberry Pi on all the time and control the power to the CNC when needed, cutting the power to the Pi is bad for the SD Card. I believe the Mini-Rambo 1.3a has this feature, may need to upgrade.

M999 resets the board

To control power I am pretty sure you would need a relay. You can hardwire the reset button but not power.

I am pretty sure you can cut the 5V on the USB, and power the rambo via the 12V.

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Cutting the 5v would be the cheaper route, but I do have some relays laying around.

This is what I would do.

And that is what I did as well and it works great!

Did you put on a timer, and a bomb suit, and have someone on the radio tell you to “cut the blue wire… NO WAIT, the RED WIRE!”. I probably wouldn’t have, but I would tell everyone I did.