question about bit change in code

Hi all,

Work has finally slowed down and I am working with the MPCNC more in last few weeks.

I have completed successfully a few pieces. Just the basics, one bit several cuts.

This last piece I am trying has a bit change in it.

I am using a 3/8" ball nose for the the large area and a 1.omm ball nose for the detail.

I set the carve in Estlcam 10 and run with Repieter Host.

Estlcam shows the tool change when you save program, where it shows the cuts and you can watch on screen and hit OK.

In Repieter Host when the large area is done the program just stops running. It does not go back to start position to change bit.

Do I need to add something to get to this or is it suppose to do it and prompt me to tool change.

Also a second question

The bit I am using 1.0mm tapered has an angle of 3.92 degrees

How should it be entered in the tool list.

Thanks in advance for any help.

There are settings in EstlCam to add to the start stop Pause and Resume areas of the code in settings.


Not a vbit an actual 1mm diameter with a taper? How you enter it depends on what you are doing. If it is a taper you use it like a regular but just choose the smaller of the two paths as this should be figured into your CAD. If it is a vbit just enter the angle in the tool selection.