Q: Do the MOSFETs on the Jackpot need enabled? or are they on by default? A: they're to be switched on!


Hey, on the Jackpot, are the MOSFETs enabled by default, or do they have to be enabled? Mine seem dead. I have wired my 40mm fan to both of them with no response. The little LEDs in front of them are also not lit. ??

They are enabled by gcode. I use one of mine on the Primo to operate a solenoid for my air assist. I didn’t have to enable anything. Lightburn just put it in the gcode automatically since I selected air assist. I would think you could make a macro to turn the fan on. Not sure how to make it do it automatically. That one is above my pay grade LOL

OK, thanks. I will await more help while I read through the docs for getting my swapped X and Y configured for Jackpot.

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Yes they are triggers, you need to turn them on and off. By default, they are connected to the flood and mist buttons but you can change that.

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I’m pretty sure all you have to do is swap the x: and y: in the config.yaml.

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