Protecting/cleaning the steel.

I don’t work with metal, ever, really. The tubes I bought are covered with oil. Its going to turn to sawdust infested oil soon. I also don’t want to ruin a bunch of sleeves. But I don’t want it to rust. I’m assuming I can clean it with soap, or mineral spirits. Then to keep it clean, what? Wax? Poly?

A nice light coat of oil is usually a good thing. My opinion would be just a paper towel. That would get off the excess and leave a tiny bit.

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I clean my steel with simple green, purple stuff or tsp. I have stuff i’ve made years ago with no protection and no rust in our climate. If you want to put something on it Boeshield T9 is a great product for that.

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I use paste wax on my table saw top(cast iron). Keeps the surface from rusting and makes the wood slide easier. It’s also not wet, so sawdust doesn’t stick. I usually wax it once a year and that’s enough to keep it from rusting. I’m in the Ohio valley area, so it’s like 80 to 90% humidity all summer, no rusting from condensation. I wish I could say the same for my anvil. I need to paint the base of it at least. I haven’t done anything to the tubes on my mpcnc, I haven’t seen any rust on them yet. We’re using stainless on the lowrider, so I don’t really see the need unless you’re cutting on the beach or something.

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I’m glad no one said poly :slight_smile:

I have paper towels within a few feet of the steel. I’ll start with that.

I also have some paste wax that I bought for my table saw, that’s probably a good idea too. I’ll do that if the paper towels don’t clean it to my satisfaction.

I don’t plan on cutting on the beach, but I also don’t want to commit to not cutting on the beach.

I don’t have green, purple, or tsp stuff. You’re right though, Colorado is pretty dry. So I shouldn’t worry too much, probably.

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Hi! Just wondering what you all use for rust protection…my rods keep rusting and I have to clean them every few days. Their steel but I wish I went for stainless steel now. I was thinking of using some oil but that would need to be applied every few weeks. Would priming the rods work?

The general consensus is to use something like johnson’s paste wax. If you get some other kind of wax, make sure it doesn’t include silicone, because if silicone based wax gets on wood, it will not accept stain (so rubbing a pipe can ruin a project). Basically, treat it like you would a cast iron table saw.

I live in Colorado, and we don’t have any humidity at all. I am wondering where you live where they get rust every few days. Is that normal for steel?

Im in the UK, and my rods were left out in the rain for 2 days…now it just keeps growing

graphite, won’t mix with sawdust or metal

i think i will get a can of wax oil because its the cheapest stuff i can find…paste wax is quite expensive and not on amazon

Huh, ok. Maybe it is called something different in the uk. Here, it is at the home depot for $7/lifetime supply