Probably a stupid question

I finally got the MPCNC assembled and tested all the steppers manually to make sure the wiring was correct. I think it is, but the only way to be sure is to test it. I downloaded the crown, used Estlcam v11.031 to generate the gcode from the .dxf and saved it on an SD card.

I select the file using the LCD screen and press print, and the MPCNC acts like it’s going to do something by moving the X and Y axis, but after moving a couple cm’s it just stops, and all the steppers feel like they’re humming, or working at cross purposes, or something, so I hit the reset button.

Am I supposed to be using the repetier-host application to run the MPCNC? Or should I be able to generate the gcode and insert the card into the LCD controller and go from there?

Appreciate any advice here - I’ve only barely used a 3D printer, and I’m only just now getting a better handle on CNC, so apologies if this seems like a really retarded question.

Try using the gcode I made, linked further down the crown page.

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That was apparently the problem - bad code. Thanks! Now I just have to figure out why what I did generated bad code.

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