Prints come out strange - too less filament?

  1. Did you buy everything from here?
    a)Did buy the Ramps from here, everything else bought somewhere else but the same parts as u described

  2. Are you using end stops?
    a) No

  3. Are you using all my recommended parts?
    a) Yes

  4. Include a picture so obvious errors might be spotted.

Hello, after several tests and setting up the extruder vref everything is running properly and without strange noises. The printer goes even in heights :). Still I got a problem and don’t know where to search it. It looks like there is not coming out enough filament. The nozzle is not jammed, do I need to calibrate the Extruder or am I missing something else? I use the test file and triple checked all slicer/ repetier host settings. See attached image how print is looking after aproximately 4 minutes.

Did you put the three jumper under the extruder stepper?

Checked them, yes they are there.

Can upload the slid3r, but they are 100% correct and in dutch.
The temperature 190 degrees or 220 degrees: doesnt matter.
The nozzle distance is paper thick so that also should be fine.

What extruder? sounds like you are using a different one that what I sell you will need to calibrate the steps/mm and set the driver correctly.

I got the MK8, same as you have but didn’t buy it here. Okay, I will recheck my driver and calibrate steps/mm. Hope that I missed something there that fixes the problem then.

Did you rebuild it like my instructions say? Your drive gear could be loose or misaligned. I have always 100% of the time needed to rebuild them. There are always issues. The spring could be too loose, the driver gear, the nozzle could be clogged, the thermistor could not be in deep enough. Tons of things to check. They do not work out of the box, you have to tune them up. That is why mine cost more, I spend a lot of time on them.

Well i payed more for it then you offer them for hehe (excluding the shipping tax)
Friday I will break everything apart and retry it.

My output is going wrong which i think is also the issue. If I output 100 mm it is outputting max 20 mm. But if i change it and calibrate it as the youtube videos are showing it doesn’t do anything. It maybe outputs 10 mm more but even if I multiply it with 1000: it doesn’t make sense. Still: the motor isn’t broken. It’s working fine, checked it changing with the z-axis etc.

Thanks for your info, I will recheck everything and come back to it. I’m almost 100% sure that it is something with the extrusion so we’re already getting closer to a fix :).