Printing Settings

I want to start printing lowrider parts today. What is the recommended settings for the slicer (Cura)?


Im sure you have already calibrated your printer, but please be sure your first parts come out on size. I had to reprint all my pieces because they were off by about 1%.

My machine isnt together yet but I printed at a 3mm wall, 2 mm top / bottom and 60% quarter cubic infill. Support wasn’t needed.

Hopefully someone who has had their machine in service for a year or two will be along soon.

I’ll preface this by saying I don’t have a LowRider. I did a quick scan of the LR docs and didn’t see what you’re after. However, I would think the general print setting recommendations for the LR are the same as the Primo, which can be found here, under “Recommendations,” though there may be different settings for certain parts. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

Anyone else have a recommendation for printer settings? I hate to spend 100 hours printing stuff only to have it wrong.

The low rider parts page is pretty much the only one that hasn’t been converted to docs. From the lr parts page:

I prefer PLA but PETG can be used, 3 walls, 30-55% infill. Dimensions are a little less critical than the MPCNC. Total print time ≈ 64.5hrs. 1.2Kg of filament.

You should not need to rotate any parts or add support. The rest, isn’t critical.