Primo MPCNC For Sale (San Antonio TX)

Built the Primo a year ago, hardly use. I work for a shop that has all that I need now so no use for this.
I build it for the 23.5 conduit all in PLA with the dewalt DW660 can come with it.
Total size is as it sits on a pivot cart to save space is 65 3/4" long x 48", table top is 48 x48. Pivoted down is roughly 20" width to save space stored.

CNC Space is 36 x 36 with cutting space for 24 x24 roughly. I built for 6" cut height as well.

I can sell the printed parts with all the bearing, nuts and bolts. Or I can sell the whole setup. Local pick up if the whole thing. We can talk about packing and shipping the printed parts if needed.

Board is included its the SKR Pro 1.2 w/ 5x 2209 Drivers also TFT35 screen all in 3d printed boxes.
I have cable chains and mounts for entire build also.

Don’t low ball me as the electronics cost enough.


That table is amazing!

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I would be interested in printed parts w hardware if available.

Interested. Still for Sale?