Primo Kit Sold Out :(

@Ryan - Any idea when these kits will be back in stock? I’ve started printing parts and went to purchase this kit this morning and was met with bad news :frowning:

On the other hand, I’m really happy with my Prusa Mk3s+ build and print quality. Here is a sample picture of my parts thus far:


@wetherell33 nice looking prints! You can sign up to get notified when they are biack in stock. It’s right under the Quantity selector for that item.

That will probably be the fastest way to know when they are available.

Alternatively you can order all the components individually since everything else looks available, except the hardware, and source the hardware locally. But that will be more legwork on your side since you will have to make sure you order the correct quantities of everything.

10-4. Thanks for that heads up. Never thought about only buying the hardware locally. I’ll look into that

I am waiting on idlers and pulleys, they should have shipped by now. The rest of the next batch is packed and ready.

But yesterday afternoon I have a few kits left. If they are all gone now I will take my other inventory of idlers and pulleys and make up a handful of Primo’s. Hit that notification box, and it will let you know when I get it done.

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@wetherell33 nice color choice.

Thanks Tom, I’m going to be doing Prusa’s Pearl Green for the part A pieces. Should look nice!

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Well, you must have gotten a few more updated as I was able to place my order!!! Thanks. Really looking forward to it

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Just decided to pull the trigger now that I’ve cleaned out some space for a machine, and of course it’s sold out. :slight_smile: Signed up for the waiting list, now back to more cleaning.

Soon! I have been just scraping by for a while. I have very large shipments of everything inbound, it just takes a while to get over the hump.


I have to say, it is refreshing that Ryan won’t sell parts he doesn’t have. It sucks if you don’t have the parts yet. But once you order it, there’s no messing around.


That is one thing I absolutely hate. I placed a large order the other day, they agreed, and took my money. Said they shipped 80 out of 480, the rest would ship “at another time”. I was heated, absolutely heated, it was a very significant amount of money and they told me it was on hand and ready to ship. Well it cost them several emails and a phone call. I think I have established with the owner that is shady and they made it right in the end.

Selling things you do not have on hand is a fragile way to do business. I could imagine doing preorders for something but that would be a limited run for sure and it would be very clear to all involved. I guess more of a group buy than a preorder I suppose.

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I’d be fine with a backorder if I know that going in, but I totally get that it’s simpler as a small merchant just to have a notify list. I’ll keep an eye on my email, and thanks for the update.

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Order placed! Looking forward to this.

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