Primo: How much of each filament color

I’m getting ready to fulfill my dream of owning a CNC machine and the first step is to order filament to start printing. The parts list for the Primo says that I need two colors and a total of about 2.2 kg of filament. Since each roll of filament is 1 kg it would be useful to know if I need to buy two rolls of color A, and one roll of color B, the other way around or maybe even two rolls of each.

Do any of the people who have built the Primo remember how it went with their build?

Hey, you can put the parts for color A into your slicer and calculate it with what the slicer says, its the easiest way to figure out how much to buy.

I started keeping track of filament used, but slacked off near the end, so don’t have good numbers for you. Based on my experience, it was over 2kg, plus a couple of failed prints. So, my advice is to buy 2 kg of your primary color, and 1 kg of your secondary color. This will also help in the future should you decide to print matching accessories, or replacement parts.

Well of course there is no reason why you have to use two colors at all. When I built my original Burley set of prints earlier this year I made everything from black ABS. I decided to upgrade to the Primo version a couple of days ago and to do it in black as color A and red as color B for a change. I already had one spare spool of black but since the parts list shows a lot more in color A than B I just ordered one more black and one in red. I normally get my filaments from Amazon Prime on next day delivery anyway so it’s hardly a disaster if I run out of either.

Just printed all the primo parts, and can confirm color B is much less than a 1KG spool. I used 1.5 or so of color A, including mounts, housings and a few reprints. The only concern could be if your core print messes up late on, and you need to print multiples, as it uses a lot of color B.

Buy 2 rolls of each color… Something won’t print right at least once and you’d hate to have to wait for another roll. Not to mention, once you get it built, you’ll probably want to print some of the various 3rd party add ons that are on Thingiverse. My stepper motor covers seem to be pretty popular :slight_smile:


Thank, everyone. That cleared it up for me.

Just started printing a Primo “C” this week in PETG. pretty sure this might be overkill, but I have a spreadsheet to track printing, material usage (according to my slicer) & to log print time. All told, my figures came out to 2,028g of material once I processed all the files. I used recommended infills and did 70/30/70 variable fill on the core too (saved about 100g of material and 4 hrs of print time). PrusaSlicer 2.2, i3 MK3S, 0.6 Nozzle with 0.4 layer height, Gyroid infill pattern. YMMV. The Core is running as I type, so I’ll be about 1 spool & 38 hrs of runtime in when complete.

but please take all of this with a grain of salt right now, I have no idea what I’m doin :-p

Welcome, kmac.

PETG may work fine, but PLA is actually more rigid (and more brittle). Which is why it is recommended for the parts.

You might be fine. There are a few petg builds out there.

thanks Jeff! I went with PETG because the melt point is higher than PLA and I’ve had good luck with it thus far on other projects. I was concerned the parts might deform or bend too easy if it winds up being used or stored in a warm shop or garage with no AC, for example. If I start having problems, hopefully it’ll be an excuse to reprint and upgrade at the same time to stainless tubing etc :wink: I’m a noob to an mpcnc lol. I’m stuck at home right now and just needed a budget minded project I’ve been wanting to do with a family member.