Primo build in Western Canada

Your video cannot be played as it’s a private video

Thanks for the heads up, that was odd but should be fixed now.

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Getter the hang of things and working out some firmware bugs. So far so good.

Sweet. One more item off my list of things to figure out.

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Where would I connect the touch plate to the duet? and 3.3v pin?

I use the and ground. No sense in risking a 3V3 getting shorted.

Hey everyone I just wanted to give a big shout out and thank the community and @Ryan for the help support and of course fantastic design of the MPCNC Primo.
My build has taken me awhile to get to where it is today but I am feeling pretty confident now that I can create something in software and then run it on my machine to achieve my desired outcome.
Now to get cracking on my backlog of projects!


Congrats on the completion
Now the fun really begins

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Now you start on your LowRider, your MP3DP, ZenXY… oh wait… that’s just me…

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The ZenXY look like a fun project that I would like to try next.

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