Praise and Thanks

I’m close to finishing a slow build of the LR3. This will replace my modified Primo for instrument carving, and the Primo will be rebuilt to its original form factor because I feel sad about it.

At every turn, I’m impressed with the ingenuity of the design. I try to feed the belts around the stepper gear wishing that I could just push it through and back, and low and behold the part accommodates. Folding the belt back on itself to bind it into the tensioner. Setting tension by 1/16th of a tooth is just how the gantry belt is designed. Parts print cleanly by design without support. It builds its own parts.

This is just a hobby for me. I’m a software engineer by profession, and this makes me a better engineer. Keep up the good work.


Thank you for all the kind words!

I will say the Beta team had a ton of input. I build/design like an engineer and it takes effort to consider use case and assembly. I typically see in “most efficient”. Or, you only build it once…who cares if this is a bit of a hassle, mentality. They kicked my butt a few times to do things like cut the belt holes in to pass it through. I had them sealed to keep the dirt out…hahahaha. After building it a few times now I am very glad they were persistent.