Post flagged as Spam, what can I do?

Two days I wrote a post which got flagged as SPAM by askimet. SInce then nothing has happened.

Is there anything I can do to un-flag the post?

Thank you for your time

Have a read here

Hi Mike,
Thank you for your time. I don’t think I can do what is suggested on the page you linked. It seems to be for the forum owner and requires a deeper level of access to the forum. I can’t even look at my own, flagged, post right now; it only says “A staff member will review your post soon, and it should appear shortly.”

Is this Askimet forced upon you by your IT department or is it your own personal choice? If it is your IT dept it will be down to them to administer it, if it is personal you should have the tools to administer it and I don’t think I would find the application worth while.(for the little time I have spent looking at it)

Askimet is part of the forum and handled by V1.

@vicious1 has to handle it.

I am down a keyboard right now so I am a bit slow with this stuff. I released your post. Hopefully you will be good now, but it might stop another, I will keep an eye out all day.