Part location on print bed

Hello again, I have been printing parts out for the LR3 and I have a question, when I open the STL in Cura some of the parts don’t appear in the center of the print bed. Is that by design or just some sort of bug on my end?

The 3mf allows offsets. I can’t remember if Ryan has them plated somehow, but most slicers have some kind of auto layout button. Just don’t rotate them in the slicer. Ryan rotates them how he thinks they should be printed.

In the edit menu of Cura is an entry “Arrange all…” that will relocate the part to the build plate.


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My impression is that depending on which program made the 3mf file, it can save the part’s location in the original modeling program, relative to the origin point of that program. In addition to the “Arrange all…” option, you can also just use the Move tool (T) and set the value to 0 for all three axes.