Opinions on dimension expansion?

Hey guys, I’ve had my MPCNC set up with a roughly 12"x12" work area for a while. It’s currently mounted to a small 2x4 frame that just sits on my regular workbench. I’d like to build a dedicated bench for it, and expand the platform to get 36"x36" work area.

I’m currently using 3/4" EMT Conuduits for rails. If I expand that to 48" long, will EMT still hold up? With Midspan supports? Or should I step up to Stainless Steel Tubing? And if I do need to go to Stainless Steel, does 23.5mm SS Tubing exist? Or would I have to then reprint most of my parts to accommodate the 25mm tube?


I think it would make for a really informative post if you just increased the size of your machine and let us know what you thought. It would be the least expensive option and could very well be good enough, but direct comparison with nothing else modified would be awesome!

Fair point.

I’ll get everything tightened up and do some tests at 12x12 before I scale up, and then test again after the rebuild.


Sweet! I can’t wait.